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Been A Long Time…Let’s Rekindle With Drugs August 5, 2008

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We all knew that Freud was a raging coke head.  Or at least if you didn’t know, you should know that he tried to prescribe it to the crazies in all his coke high glory.  But what do DNA and LSD have in common?  Well besides the fact that if you can read and count, you see 3 letters oh and the fact that the dude who discovered the double helix also was an LSD rager (fav. party favor = LSD + nakedness).  Read more on the top 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High…oh and apparently Moses ate a shitload of shrooms and through all that magic evolved the 10 Commandments (did he also think of Puff the Magic Dragon?)…


Va-Jay-Jay Couch January 17, 2008

Posted by Lauren in Design.

Looking for that perfect piece of “unique” furniture and you just don’t know where to find it?  Well, the perfect solution always exists in the confines of craigslist with this miraculous one-of-a-kind find.  This couch isn’t just any couch.  It’s plushy pink replica of what make a lady a lady (besides boobs) – the vagina.  Basically you can sit inside it’s warm cozy corridors with your head resting on a giant clit while watching your favorite porn.  Exciting….

Rubberband Guns Will Never Be the Same January 17, 2008

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See demonstration below:

Flight of the Concords do CES January 10, 2008

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Although laughter ensues, you can tell that not all the geeks were avid watchers of the Flight of the Concords and therefore didn’t get their camera phone joke.  But none-the-less, Jermaine and Brett (Brit) never cease to amaze me with their comedic stance at the the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show.  See for yourself below:

Popsicle Surprise January 9, 2008

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A Brazilian ice cream company is trying to encourage purchases by including 10,000 iPod shuffles in specially marked boxes. The specially made “propsicles” are manufactured to look identical to the real thing, but to the consumers surprise they won’t get a sweet tasting treat, but rather a sweat listening treat. It’s a pretty clever idea especially when you look at the packaging:

Link for more info.

AdiColor December 20, 2007

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Thanks for this!

Personally enjoy the black and red stories!

So I’ll Tell You a Story About the Joker & the Thief in the Night… December 20, 2007

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Somehow, a group of men managed to walk away with not only one, but two extremely expensive paintings from a museum in San Paulo.  First, they magically knew when the changing of the guards was going to occur within the museum (do I smell a inside job?).  They proceeded to use a hydraulic car jack to pry their way through a metal door (and the guards didn’t hear this?).  Then they stole some expensive paintings…..all around 5 am.  The worst part is that the room where the Picasso painting was hung didn’t even have a video camera!  Check out the story here.

The Original Blue Man December 20, 2007

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This is a prime example as to why you don’t drink beverages with metal in it.  Not only do you not drink it, but you see a doctor when your skin starts to turn unnatural colors.  And I’m not talking about Michael Jackson miraculously turning white, I’m talking blue.  See Paul Karason’s story below:

Cue Jaws Music December 18, 2007

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Check out this amazing footage of sharks swarming giant schools of fish in the Maldives.

New Hot Chip December 5, 2007

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Not really sure if I like the video or not, but I do like the Japanese Human Tetris references and the gun microphone