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Flight of the Concords do CES January 10, 2008

Posted by Lauren in Comedy, Gadgets, Music, Technology, Video.
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Although laughter ensues, you can tell that not all the geeks were avid watchers of the Flight of the Concords and therefore didn’t get their camera phone joke.  But none-the-less, Jermaine and Brett (Brit) never cease to amaze me with their comedic stance at the the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show.  See for yourself below:


Light Show Extravaganza December 4, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Art, Gadgets, Technology, Video.
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The Dexia Tower in Brussels is a building with 38 floors and 150,000 LED lights covering the exterior. The LED’s put on an amazing light show each night on the current theme of weather. Geometrical patterns explain the next day’s weather via color coded data. Previous shows have included a touch component where passersby could control the lights on the tower. Check out more information and a video about the project here.

Space Odyssey… August 16, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Photography, Science, Technology.
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Astronomers have been lucky enough to photograph the tail of a comet behind a star in space.  Apparently nothing like this has even been seen around a star and it has NASA folk in an uproar.  Check out the corresponding link here.

Attention Air Guitar Geeks… June 20, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Gadgets, Rock, Technology.
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Looking for the ultimate way to air shred?  Well your prayers have been answered with invention of this little guy.  Yeah that’s right!  You can air shred while pressing the chord buttons to get the full on guitar experience.  It also comes with the option of plugging into an amp.  They couldn’t make it any easier!  Check it out for yourself.

Baby Monitor Can Communicate With Outter Space… June 14, 2007

Posted by Lauren in News, Technology.
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Well not really, but apparently some woman in east Bumblef*ck, Illinois has been picking up NASA’s live shuttle video from the current space mission. NASA claims that the signal isn’t coming direct from the shuttle and due to the fact that you can stream the mission live on NASA’s site, it’s highly probable it’s coming from somewhere else. Still pretty damn cool though. You look over to check on your sleeping baby to find some astronauts.

iPod Robot Can Intuitively Dance to ANY Song | Attempt At World Domination Clearly the Next Step May 31, 2007

Posted by James in Adorable, Technology.
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I just read a CNN article about a new iPod dock called a “Miuro” that doubles as a dancing robot. Now, this isn’t a mere robot with programmed dances. No. This robot can dance to ANY song based on complex mathematical algorithms and other such things that we flesh-based beings have no hope of understanding.

Clearly, this signals the coming of the robotic apocalypse. As we would obviously have no defense against such an mechanized onslaught, I suggest you simply watch the below video and get REALLY excited when the cute little guy starts dancing. Seriously, try to tell me a part of you doesn’t want to get kind of fucked with 8 or ten of these things and have a dance party?