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iPod Robot Can Intuitively Dance to ANY Song | Attempt At World Domination Clearly the Next Step May 31, 2007

Posted by James in Adorable, Technology.
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I just read a CNN article about a new iPod dock called a “Miuro” that doubles as a dancing robot. Now, this isn’t a mere robot with programmed dances. No. This robot can dance to ANY song based on complex mathematical algorithms and other such things that we flesh-based beings have no hope of understanding.

Clearly, this signals the coming of the robotic apocalypse. As we would obviously have no defense against such an mechanized onslaught, I suggest you simply watch the below video and get REALLY excited when the cute little guy starts dancing. Seriously, try to tell me a part of you doesn’t want to get kind of fucked with 8 or ten of these things and have a dance party?


Oh Nessie.. May 31, 2007

Posted by Lauren in News.
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First we re-posted an article on how a man claimed to have seen a Sasquatch, and now we have a 55 year old man claiming to have taken video footage of the good ol’ Lock Ness Monster. That’s right folks, Nessie has been spotted in Edinburgh, Scotland and is apparently 45 feet long.  Man, I can’t wait to see this video….

MP3: Remix of the Entire New LCD Soundsytem Record, “Sound of Silver” May 31, 2007

Posted by James in Electronic/Dance, MP3.

Some talented individuals have gone and remixed the entire new LCD Soundsytem record, “Sound of Silver” and have churned out “Sounds Like Silver.” The best part? The entire record is free for download! Just click here and start-a-downloading!

Surface May 30, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Uncategorized.
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I want one of these multi-touch augmented reality computer called Surface.

First Ever Video Guitar… May 30, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Gadgets, Rock, Video.
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I was scoping out the various email blasts I get each day (like eleventy billion of them…) and stumbled across this.  Yes that’s right, the first ever video guitar that has pixilated tv screen that covers the face of the guitar that plays abstract images when strumming. Watch video here:

I Want to Ride on the Gorillaz Train! May 30, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Advertising.
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A train running from London to Manchester is sporting a new look to help promote the circus / opera Monkey: Journey to the West.  This crazy experience has music composed by our favorite, Damon Albarn and kicks off the Manchester International Festival on June 28th.  I like!

Tickets via Texting… May 30, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Music Industry.
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CMJ reports that the Knitting Factory will be one of the first venues to offer ticketing-by-text.  The system is powered by ShopText mobile so when you see a flyer hanging up with a list of upcoming shows, you can text there on the spot for which show you wish to see.  I think this is a pretty snazzy idea, although I do think there will be some loop holes that will need to be fixed, but overall pretty cool!

Guitar Hero…. May 30, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Video, Video Games.
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and I wish I could play this fast.  See: Sad Face.

Enough About Lindsay Lohan and Rosie… May 30, 2007

Posted by Lauren in News.
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This is what we should really be worried about. I mean who in their right mind thought it was okay to fly knowing that you had TB. Seriously, do you know anything about anything? Congrats for putting tons of people at risk so you could enjoy your honey moon. Smart thinking!

PS3 vs. Wii May 25, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Video, Video Games.
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Enough said…