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AdiColor December 20, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Advertising, Art, Design, Video.
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Thanks for this!

Personally enjoy the black and red stories!


So I’ll Tell You a Story About the Joker & the Thief in the Night… December 20, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Art, News.
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Somehow, a group of men managed to walk away with not only one, but two extremely expensive paintings from a museum in San Paulo.  First, they magically knew when the changing of the guards was going to occur within the museum (do I smell a inside job?).  They proceeded to use a hydraulic car jack to pry their way through a metal door (and the guards didn’t hear this?).  Then they stole some expensive paintings…..all around 5 am.  The worst part is that the room where the Picasso painting was hung didn’t even have a video camera!  Check out the story here.

Light Show Extravaganza December 4, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Art, Gadgets, Technology, Video.
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The Dexia Tower in Brussels is a building with 38 floors and 150,000 LED lights covering the exterior. The LED’s put on an amazing light show each night on the current theme of weather. Geometrical patterns explain the next day’s weather via color coded data. Previous shows have included a touch component where passersby could control the lights on the tower. Check out more information and a video about the project here.

David Lynch, Artist September 10, 2007

Posted by James in Art, Film.
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The term artist gets thrown around a lot. However, the meaning behind the term and its qualifications are about as subjective as can be. With that said, I can think of no man (or woman) that so much embodies the label as David Lynch. Since I was introduced to him through a friend (via a Twin peaks marathon) in high school, I’ve been enamored by his work. From the seemingly simple (The Straight Story) to the abstract (Inland Empire.)

Triggered by introducing a newcomer to Twin Peaks, my zeal for his work has been reignited. Last night, I once again watched a documentary on Lynch called “Pretty as a Picture” that truly gives an idea of the unique world that he lives in. This led me to search YouTube to see what I could find and to say there were some gems to be found is an understatement. Examples after the jump. (more…)

Stephen Colbert Portrait Made of 768 Mini Rubik’s Cubes August 13, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Art, Politics.
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Link to the reasoning behind this project.

PikaPika + Sprint = great commerical July 26, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Advertising, Art, Film, Video.
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I had seen the Sprint commercial below a few days or a week ago, who knows, and absolutely loved it.  Then, today when I was scanning BoingBoing, I stumbled across a post that said “Animated Flashlight Film” and of course clicked the link.  That is when I put two and two together to realized it was the same people who did the commercial.  The film was done by piecing together long exposure photos of people waving flashlights around into designs. Pretty cool idea if I do say so myself.  None-the-less, scope out the commercial below and when you are finished head on over to the PikaPika site to watch the “Pika Pika 2007” film.

Trippy July 6, 2007

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Happy Friday!

Tunnel House June 26, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Art, Design.
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Check out this really cool Tunnel House installation.  Not sure where it is located since the entire page is in Spanish, but the overall design is pretty incredible.  I second the first person’s comment about how it reminds me of the House Of Leaves.

Windpower for Cloud of LED’s June 26, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Art, environment., Gadgets.
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Coolhunting is featuring an installation by Jason Bruges where he uses wind-power to demonstrate that which President Bush seems to deny: alternate energy sources. One of the simplest solutions to this burning of too much coal is WIND!  Yay!  Well Jason does this amazing installation where these mini wind turbines power the LED’s as the wind moves through them creating this psychedelic patter in the night’s sky.  Check it out for yourself here.