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Popsicle Surprise January 9, 2008

Posted by Lauren in Advertising, Gadgets, Marketing, MP3, Music.
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A Brazilian ice cream company is trying to encourage purchases by including 10,000 iPod shuffles in specially marked boxes. The specially made “propsicles” are manufactured to look identical to the real thing, but to the consumers surprise they won’t get a sweet tasting treat, but rather a sweat listening treat. It’s a pretty clever idea especially when you look at the packaging:

Link for more info.


Look Out iTunes! Here Comes Amazon! September 26, 2007

Posted by Lauren in MP3, Music Industry, News.
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Amazon’s MP3 beta page has finally gone live and it looks like they have quite a list of albums under their belt.  They have 120,000 artists and 20,000 labels involved in the DRM-free MP3 venture.  The site is pretty easy to navigate as a whole and they even offer the top downloads / albums of the day.   It even goes as far as suggesting MP3 ala eMusic style according to previous purchases on the site. Check out for yourself here.  Feel free to send them your opinions on tweaking the site.   I wonder how iTunes will be affected out of all this.

The Cribs deliver “One of Those Records” | 3 MP3s, 2 Videos August 1, 2007

Posted by James in MP3, Rock, Video.
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Having spent a good portion of the last six years involved one way or another in the music industry, I was lucky enough to have a shit ton of music come my way. Unfortunately, the glut of music also led to A) a lot of records not getting a whole lot of time (if any at all) and B) my excitement level for music waning and eventually leveling off. However, through all of the clutter, records would sometimes shine through and really excite the hell out of me.

During my three and a half years at The Syndicate (which just ended,) those records included Stellastarr* – Stellastarr*, The Killers – Hot Fuss, Bloc Party – Silent Alarm, Death From Above 1979 – You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, Say Anything – … is a Real Boy, The Spinto Band – Nice and Nicely Done, Boredoms – Seadrum/House of Sun, The Sword – Age of Winters, 120 Days – 120 Days, Panda Bear – Person Pitch and a few others. I highlight these not to try and show off my musical tastes (most of em are a bit too popular now to gain me any hat tips, anyway) but to give attention to em all in case you, dear reader have yet to experience them. I’m sure I’ve missed a few but that’s a damn good chunk.

Well, the point of all of this rambling is that another record has jumped out and started to really excite me. That record is The Cribs’ Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever. I really liked the band’s previous record, The New Fellas, but more-so because of a few stand-out tracks (and this amazing interview) than being excited by the record as a whole. However, this new one is really grabbing my attention. (more…)

Suicide or Not – Uni Pulls the Plug on Apple July 2, 2007

Posted by Lauren in MP3, Music Industry, News.
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According to this article, Universal has threatened to not renew their contract for the mp3 service.  Instead of opening up their catalogue, they will market their music at will.  If Universal actually pulls the plug, Apple will lose out on one out of every 3 releases sold within the US.  No more Amy Whinehouse and Akon for you…

Lala = Sampling June 6, 2007

Posted by Lauren in MP3, Music Industry.
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Warner Music Group is going all out in attempt to stay in touch with technological changes within the music industry.  They’ve started lala.com where you can stream WMG acts and a whole slew of Indie label acts for free before you decide to make your purchase.  I think it’s an interesting take on things right now and a pretty good move.  Although, I’m sure someone will be able to crack the code on how to rip their whole catalogue.

Adult Swim Gives It Up… June 1, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Indie Rock, MP3.
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Adult Swim is awesome and in tune with their audience. So on that note, if you head on over to this site you can download their album Warm & Scratchy for free. It features acts like TV on the Radio, Liars, The Good, The Bad and The Queen and then some. Scope it out for yourselves. Oh and happy Friday.

DRM-Free Yet Watermarked? June 1, 2007

Posted by Lauren in MP3, Music Industry.
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Think twice before paying the extra 30 cents for those DRM-free tracks on iTunes and then sharing the songs.  What the fine folks over at Apple failed to mention was that the songs are all watermarked with your name and email address.  Be careful or the they will find you….Click here to read the story.

MP3: Remix of the Entire New LCD Soundsytem Record, “Sound of Silver” May 31, 2007

Posted by James in Electronic/Dance, MP3.

Some talented individuals have gone and remixed the entire new LCD Soundsytem record, “Sound of Silver” and have churned out “Sounds Like Silver.” The best part? The entire record is free for download! Just click here and start-a-downloading!

MP3: Lauryn Hill – “Lose Myself” May 25, 2007

Posted by James in MP3, Singer/Songwriter.
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Remember Lauryn Hill? Sure you do. She’s your “favorite artist” when you’re talking to that girl at the volunteer center so you seem totally down to earth and with it. Yeah. THAT Lauryn Hill. Well, she’s back with some new jams. One of which is below. Blogs are all about it so, via the transitive property (kind of), so are we. It makes sense. Trust me. I would explain why but the chance that said explanation would be above you are high. Or I am tired and rambling. Either/or.

MP3: Lauryn Hill – “Lose Myself”