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And then Guitar Hero III Goes and Does This….. September 12, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Music, Rock, Video Games.

Recently I’ve posted a story on how Rock Band will compare to the all mighty Guitar Hero.  And then Guitar Hero goes and announces that they will not only rock your PS2’s and 3’s as well as the amazing Wii, but it will also be available for the PC and Mac.  How are we ever going to get work done if you can play Guitar Hero III all day?!?  There will be a USB friendly controller and enough songs to rock your face off…..what now Rock Band?



1. ryanwordvision - September 13, 2007

When Rock Band was announced, I instantly thought that the Guitar Hero franchise would take a large unrecoverable hit.

A few months later, and the guys ate Neversoft have not only devised a far superior soundtrack, but have run with the lack of having the other instruments like in Rock Band. they have done everything they could with the one guitar, and have probably created a better control, better visuals, and more memorable ideas with the boss battles and battle mode.

I am pleasantly surprised by what they managed to cook up. Obviously, it is hard to compete with the drum and mic mechanics in Rock Band, but the guys behind Guitar Hero are definitely holding their own.

And they announced there will be a new guitar hero iteration every year, so theres no end in sight with the crazed music genre.

By the time it ends, which it inevitably will, every instrument, genre, and artist will be accounted for.

And in the end, don’t we all win?

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