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McDonald’s is Run by Satan… August 7, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Advertising, Marketing.

Well not really, but recently a study was done on how powerful advertising campaigns effects, such as McDonald’s, are on preschoolers. The results were astonishing and proved that advertising coerced the taste buds of the children into thinking that the food presented in McDonald’s packaging tasted better than regular presentation. Even carrots were “better” when they were wrapped in the golden arches. This means that the kid’s “perception of taste was physically altered by the branding.” See the link here



1. Mark Tillison - August 8, 2007

The branding is actually reinforced by many parents that use McDonald’s as a treat for their kids. (Guilty as charged).

Because it’s a reward, the experience is elevated, or at least the perception of it is. I’m no psychologist, but perhaps this suggests where the food/love relationship problem comes from?

And because kids are conditioned by the marketing to enjoy the experience, they either will enjoy it, or they’ll feel excluded if they don’t and so pretend that they do anyway.

2. loboz - August 13, 2007

I do agree with the psychological breakdown of the how the brain associates McDonald’s with a reward, but I also think that parents aren’t just using this as a merit system. I think it goes a little bit further than that and therefore demonstrates the power of marketing on little children.

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