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Banning Bitch? August 7, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Politics.

According to this article in the New York Times, the NYC council is trying to pass a city wide ban on the word BITCH, as they previously did with the N-word. The article claims that the word is “hateful and deeply sexist” as well as “creates a paradigm of shame and indignity for all women.”

I love how the city council is concerned about people calling each other bitches, but they can’t hire people to clean up the goddamn streets? There’s still a looming homeless population who they could employ with task such as PICKING UP TRASH, but they publicize their efforts of banning words. Not to mention, the dampening of FREEDOM OF SPEECH here. Sometimes I wonder if they even have their priorities straight. I’m sorry, but banning the B-word is not a major concern of mine, but cleaning up the environment and beautification of some of the trashiest parts of NYC neighborhoods seems to be more meaningful than not being able to say a word. What the hell? You can continue reading the bitchy article above, but trust me it’s frustrating.



1. Anonymous - August 16, 2007

the city council are a bunch of bitches

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