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The Cribs deliver “One of Those Records” | 3 MP3s, 2 Videos August 1, 2007

Posted by James in MP3, Rock, Video.

Having spent a good portion of the last six years involved one way or another in the music industry, I was lucky enough to have a shit ton of music come my way. Unfortunately, the glut of music also led to A) a lot of records not getting a whole lot of time (if any at all) and B) my excitement level for music waning and eventually leveling off. However, through all of the clutter, records would sometimes shine through and really excite the hell out of me.

During my three and a half years at The Syndicate (which just ended,) those records included Stellastarr* – Stellastarr*, The Killers – Hot Fuss, Bloc Party – Silent Alarm, Death From Above 1979 – You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, Say Anything – … is a Real Boy, The Spinto Band – Nice and Nicely Done, Boredoms – Seadrum/House of Sun, The Sword – Age of Winters, 120 Days – 120 Days, Panda Bear – Person Pitch and a few others. I highlight these not to try and show off my musical tastes (most of em are a bit too popular now to gain me any hat tips, anyway) but to give attention to em all in case you, dear reader have yet to experience them. I’m sure I’ve missed a few but that’s a damn good chunk.

Well, the point of all of this rambling is that another record has jumped out and started to really excite me. That record is The Cribs’ Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever. I really liked the band’s previous record, The New Fellas, but more-so because of a few stand-out tracks (and this amazing interview) than being excited by the record as a whole. However, this new one is really grabbing my attention.

It’s not experimental, or trendy, or anything that normally garbs the headlines of Pitchfork and Brooklyn Vegan but just fun as hell rock with a slight British punk influence. Songs like Moving Pictures and Our Bovine Public stick in my head for hours then return later to trigger me to once more give the record a listen. Then a song like “Be Safe” comes up and mix beat poetry, Weezer and Rancid’s “And Out Come the Wolves” off of the And Out Come the Wolves record. “Ancient History” shows the band’s ability to write a BIG rock song. It’s just a good fucking record. Sample it a bit below, then go out and support the guys and buy the record.

MP3: The Cribs – “Men’s Needs”
MP3: The Cribs – “Women’s Needs”
MP3: The Cribs – “Moving Pictures”

The Cribs – “Moving Pictures”

The Cribs – “Men’s Needs”



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