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iPod Robot Can Intuitively Dance to ANY Song | Attempt At World Domination Clearly the Next Step May 31, 2007

Posted by James in Adorable, Technology.

I just read a CNN article about a new iPod dock called a “Miuro” that doubles as a dancing robot. Now, this isn’t a mere robot with programmed dances. No. This robot can dance to ANY song based on complex mathematical algorithms and other such things that we flesh-based beings have no hope of understanding.

Clearly, this signals the coming of the robotic apocalypse. As we would obviously have no defense against such an mechanized onslaught, I suggest you simply watch the below video and get REALLY excited when the cute little guy starts dancing. Seriously, try to tell me a part of you doesn’t want to get kind of fucked with 8 or ten of these things and have a dance party?



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