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Elijah Wood = Iggy Pop? May 17, 2007

Posted by Lauren in Film, Rock.

I pray to God this story isn’t true, but apparently Elijah Wood is going to play the iconic Iggy Pop from his Stooges days.  The flick is going to be called The Passenger and is set to release in Summer of 2008.  To be honest, I’m not sure if A) Elijah Wood will be able to pull this off.  I mean will he be able to let the crazy out?  And will he rock tight jeans just as amazingly as Iggy? and B) if I will be able to take him seriously.  I mean he was a HOBBIT!



1. Melissa - August 23, 2007

And your remark of “hobbit” is why Elijah is doing this film. Typecasting.

Elijah is actually a music producer and quite capable of rocking the Iggster. He has that trim Pop-ish body, and is wee, just like Iggy. I think it will be great, and Iggy seems convinced Elijah is right for the role.

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