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Scientists Discover Ring of Dark Matter May 15, 2007

Posted by James in environment..

We here at Le Douche have an interest in the universe and the basic theories behind how it started, how it works and how it is growing. With that being the case, we both found this particular article pretty awesome about how scientists feel they have found the best evidence to date on the existence of dark matter.

This got me thinking, how cool would it be to create a comic book superhero with the power to manipulate/control dark matter. What would make it so bad ass is that the character’s powers would evolve as scientists in the real world (i.e. where we live) gain a better understanding of the stuff. What would also be cool is as the comic book obviously become enormously popular, it would increase public interest and funding towards the study of dark matter. This is a good thing, people. When science wins, we all win.



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